In the future, I want to do something that is related to Chemistry, such as nursing or pharmacist. Actually, I am not really sure about what I like. Recently, I feel great doing Chemistry and I hope my future will somehow match with this subject.


After this semester, our class will be changed and some of the students will go to another school. Time went by so fast that I thought yesterday was the first day at school. Friends, a lot of friends will go this year. My friends, they will go to study abroad or school for the gifted. I am scared that they will go away, never come back and so as our friendship. I just hope that in my future, I will still have my current friends.


I am having some problems with my older hobbits such as playing piano. I am no more interested in it when I started to play guitar and sing along. However, I still want to play piano if I am allowed to play songs that I like. But still, I just don’t like piano at the moment.



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