I can play 2 instruments which are guitar and piano.

I started to learn piano first but I would prefer playing guitar because it is easier for me to sing along.


I have an ABRSM degree for Piano, but I don’t really care about it. I just want to play songs that I’m familiar with, not classical music. I know it is important to play classical music in Piano, however if it’s something you don’t like, will it be able for you to have the motivation to do it?

I have been thinking about playing piano for a long time. Last week, I told my mom that I would quit piano because my teacher didn’t let me play songs that I like. At first, my mom didn’t understand, but now, she knows what I mean, she told me to keep practicing songs that I like because it will be a waste if I stop playing piano ini my whole life. I agreed and we are both happy now.

It might be weird for me to write this on my blog, but I just want to tell you guys that don’t be scared to tell your parents what you like and dislike.


I started learning guitar because my sister wanted to learn it. At first, we both hate it because it’s hurt when you press the string. But now, when we are used to it, we love it! We have once quitted but after that we kept practicing and practicing. Before my sister went to study abroad, we usually sat down, sang and played guitar. It was really excitinggg!!!



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